About us



Yogrishi Pankaj Pandey and I, Kirti Tarang Pande started Home Yogis’ Home in 2016, with just one motive- Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu- May all sentient beings be blissful.
Yoga is the time-tested path to bliss.
Therefore, in our sessions and retreats, we attempt to present to you a taste of the entire spread of Yoga in an easy to digest and assimilate form.
The reason being, every individual is unique and so are their yogic needs. For instance, viniyas may work wonders for a Kapha body-type, but not for a Vatta body. For some Bhakti yoga could be the answer while some may need complete annihilation of Tantra.
Consider us as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of Yoga.
• We are also affiliated with S-VAYASA university Bangalore, NAAC accredited, A+ grading.
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