Certified Meditation Course

Weekend Meditation

Learn Yogic & Ayurvedic Meditations, Tibetan Mindfulness, Prana-Energy Healing

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1. Making meditation easy for those who can’t meditate
2. Blending ancient and authentic meditation techniques in our busy modern lives.
3. Using power of meditation to create good health, peace, success & miracles
4. Certification in meditation & using meditation for healing

1. What we offer?
a. Yogic, Ayurvedic and Tibetan Meditations
b. Chakra meditations & Pranic Healing meditations
c. Yoga Mudras for Meditation
d. Daily Meditations for spiritually infused living
e. Malas and mantra meditations
f. Sound Meditations
g. Healing meditations
h. Self-hypnosis meditations

2. What you gain?
a. Calm Mind
b. Freedom from Stress
c. Ability to use your subconscious mind to create miracles
d. Unleash your power of intuition
e. Physical & emotional healing
f. Discover your unique talent
g. Relief from anxiety & depression
h. Better sleep & freedom from Insomania
j. An openness to unprecedented situations
i. Certificate. Please note that certificate of completion will be provided only if:
• Participants has attended minimum 18 sessions
• Cleared all the exams

3. Syllabus
Under the guidance of Pankaj Pandey, director of Home Yogis’ Home, the syllabus is carefully drafted by Kirti Tarang Pande, our founder, with inputs and insights from Deepa Pant, our instructor:

3.1 Theory:
a. Creating a foundation:
- Understanding Ashtanga
- Why Yam and Niyam are important for meditation

b. Understanding the basics of meditation:
- The model of Panchkosa
- Basis of Imputation of a person
- Meditation and Mind
- Meditation according to Ayurveda
- Sankalp: The power of will in healing the body & transforming the mind
- General guidelines for meditation
- Difference between Mindfulness, Meditation, Dhyaan & Samadhi
c. Types of Meditation
- Calming Meditations: Mindfulness, Shamatha, Dharana
- Insight Meditation
- Therapeutic meditation: Physical & Emotional
- Imaginative meditations: Visualizations for creativity, healing and unleashing power of intuition
- Sleep Meditations, sleep hypnosis & power of subconscious mind
- Intellectual Meditations
- Mantra Meditations: A mind-sound resonance technique
d. Daily Life Meditations
- How to infuse spirituality and fit meditation in daily life-style
- Walking meditation, one-minute meditation, meditation for students, boost your productivity with meditation, workplace meditation, finding answers within, how to calm the racing mind

e. How to choose best meditation practice for yourself

3.2 Practical
• Mindfulness: Breathe (Single-Pointed, Calming Meditation)
• Mindfulness: Mind (Single-Pointed, Calming Meditation)
• Mindfulness: Awareness (Single-Pointed, Calming Meditation)
• Tratak (Single-Pointed, Calming Meditation)
• Nabhi Chakra meditation (Insight Meditation)
• Anitya meditation (Insight Meditation)
• Advaita meditation (Insight Meditation)
• Home Yogis’ Home exclusive: Panch Prana Kriya (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Cyclic Meditation (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Tong Len (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation to uproot attachment (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation to uproot anger (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation on Wisdom (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation to eliminate pride (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation to prevent jealousy (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation to diminish doubt (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation to dispel depression (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation to counteract low self-esteem (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Meditation for entrepreneurs (Imaginative Meditation)
• Meditation for creativity (Imaginative Meditation)
• Chakra Meditation (Imaginative meditation)
• Yoga Nidra (Sleep Meditation)
• Meditation on self (Intellectual Meditation)
• OM Dhyaan (Mantra Meditation)
• A-U-M Dhyaan (Mantra Meditation)
• Vatta Meditation- 5 sessions (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Pitta Meditation- 5 sessions (Therapeutic Meditation)
• Kapha Meditation- 5 sessions (Therapeutic Meditation)

4. Examination Protocol
Passing marks: 80%
4.1 Assignments (50 marks)-
• I Theory Assignment (20 marks)
• On time Submission (5 marks)
• II Practical Assignment (20 marks)
• On time Submission (5 marks)
4.2 Benefit to Society (50 marks)

5. Duration of the Weekend Meditation Course
20 Sessions of Meditation Course

6. Schedule
Every Monday, 7pm students will receive the course material for the week on their registered e-mail ids.
The sessions will be on Saturdays & Sundays


8. Fees Structure (in rupees)
Registration fees (one time): 500
Tuition fees per session: 200
Study material fee: Free
Examination Fee: Exempted
Total Fees: 4500

9. About Home Yogis’ Home
Directed by Yogrishi Pankaj Pandey, Home Yogis’ Home was founded by Kirti Tarang Pande in 2016.
To know more about us, please visit our website: www.homeyogishome.com