Yoga Instructor Course

• Certified sub-centre, S-VAYASA Yoga University, headed by Dr. Nagendra, Chairman Aayush Ministry Yoga Branch.
• Recognized by Union Grants Commission, NAAC accredited, A+ Grading
• 3 months, weekend, non-residential course
• Committed to creating Internationally Recognized Yoga Professionals


Home Yogis’ Home is a sub-centre of S-VYASA University (, Bangalore and conducts Yoga Instructor Course, affiliated with the University.

a. The Yoga Instructor Course(YIC), presents an opportunity to yoga practitioners (professional and amateurs) with the Competence Standard, required to be an internationally certified and recognized Yoga Instructor.
b. YIC is the only research-based Yoga Instructor Course that trains participants in academic, applied and therapeutic aspect of Yoga.
c. YIC is a must requirement for any candidate who desires to pursue MSc, doctorate and therapy in Yoga from S-VYASA University.
d. Upon successful completion of the course the student receives a certificate from S-VAYASA University.
e. USP: We provide the credibility and exposure of a NAAC accredited, A+ Grade University, with handholding and personal attention of an exclusive and affectionate yoga shala. Every student receives University education in a friendly and loving environment.

2. Syllabus
The syllabus is carefully drafted by Dr. HR Nagendra, Chancellor, S-VYASA University and taught by highly experienced, trained yet friendly and personal instructors of Home Yogis’ Home:

Course Content

Block 1- Introduction to Yoga and its Streams
a. Concept of Yoga
b. Why yoga?
c. Basis of yoga

Block 2- Streams of Yoga
a. Jnana Yoga
b. Raja Yoga
c. Bhakti Yoga
d. Karma Yoga
e. Unity in Diversity

Block 3- Indian Culture
a. Material
b. Mind

Block 4- Life and messages of Spiritual Masters
a. Sri Ramakrishna
b. Ma Sharda Devi
c. Swami Vivekananda

Block 1- Preparation for Postures
a. Loosen Yourself
b. Surya Namaskar

Block 2- Yoga Postures
a. Standing Postures
b. Sitting Postures
c. Prone Postures
d. Supine Postures

Block 3- Pranayams & Kriyas
a. Breathing Exercises
b. Preparations
c. Pranayama
d. Kriyas- Cleansing Techniques

Block 4- Meditation and Devotional Music
a. Meditation
b. Cyclic Meditation
c. Devotional Music
Block 5- Teaching Techniques
a. Eight Step Method

Block 6- Karma Yoga Module

Block 7- Report Writing

Examination Protocol

Internal Assessment
i. Assignments (50 marks)-
• I Theory Assignment (10 marks)
• II Theory Assignment (10 marks)
• On time Submission (5 marks)
• I Practical Assignment (10 marks)
• II Practical Assignment (10 marks)
• On time Submission (5 marks)
ii. Assessment (350 marks)
• I Written Int. Assessment (Theory, 50 marks)
• II Witten Int. Assessment (Theory, 50 marks)
• I Int. Practical Assessment (50 marks)
• II Int. Practical assessment (50 marks)
• Discipline, behaviour and sincerity (50 marks)
• Total personality development (50 marks)
• Karmayoga (30 marks)
• Kriya (20 marks)
iii. Report (200 marks)
• Report Writing (Theory, 50 marks)
• Report Presentation (Theory, 50 marks)
• Report Writing (Practical, 50 marks)
• Field work / YIC camp (50 marks)
• Theory training (25 marks)
• Practical training (25 marks)

iv. Activity (50 marks)
Maitri Milan

v. Attendance (100 marks)

External Assessment
i. Final exam written (100 marks)
ii. Final exam practical (150 marks)
• Asana presentation (50 marks)
• Asana correction (50 marks)
• Veda Chanting (50 marks)


Duration of YIC scheme

3 months. 2 sessions per week. 2 hours session each.